Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday and Wedding Knitting--Update

Holiday knitting is proceeding. I have completed:

  • 3 pairs of socks + 1 sock (Please note these socks are now mostly in pairs instead of as individuals. This is a step up.)
  • 1 hat
  • 1 scarf

    Still to go:

  • 4 pairs of socks + 1
  • 1 set of wristwarmers
  • 1 hat (forgotten on last tally, oops)

    At present, though, I've stopped work on all holiday knitting in order to make my sister's wedding reception shawl. After much consultation, I realized that my sister didn't want anything frilly, lacy, or, really, complex. I was just at the point of steeling myself for the grim prospect of miles and miles of teeny stockinette when it occurred to me that there was, in fact, a simple yet attractive shawl pattern in existence that nearly every single damn knitter on the planet had already made.

    Yep, I'm making my sister a Clapotis.

    I'm knitting it out of GGH's Mystik, a cotton/viscose blend that's very smooth and satiny and quite wedding-dressy, especially in the white that I'm using. It's also very, very slippery. When Boo dropped a hand puppet on the cord of the needle as I was knitting, I had the somewhat heart-stopping experience of the needles shooting right out of each and every stitch. It was pretty impressive, really, to be sitting there knitting and suddenly be holding nothing but the knitting. (And yes, I got all the stitches back on, no harm done.)

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