Friday, July 11, 2008

Feline Hunger Strike Ends--Cats Say "No More Kroger Brand"

In general, we feed the cats whatever food is available where we're shopping, and is cheap. The cats have always happily gobbled up whatever we put in front of them, so we never worry too much about brand names and what-not.

Last week, however, my husband bought some Kroger brand cat food. The cats, to a feline, refused to eat it. Not only our cats--both indoor and outdoor--but the two neighborhood cats, the skunk and the possum who also feast uninvited at our back door left the food bowls untouched.

I admit, I didn't really catch on until second or third day of the strike, when Mimi kept pawing at the deck door even after I'd put out fresh food and water for her multiple times (despite the fact that there was food still in the bowls). It wasn't until the third day, when I realized that *none* of the food had been touched by any creature, that I understood that I had a full-blown hunger strike on my hands.

Yesterday we bought some of the usual cheap-o Wal-Mart Special Kitty cat food, and they fell upon like ravening beasts. Today my home has fat, full kitty bellies, and all is well.

Yet, I still have to wonder what the heck was in the Kroger food that even the possum wouldn't eat it...

ETA: Until I responded to another commenter, I'd forgotten that one subject detected no difference in the cat food: "Well, when I fed the kitties I licked some off my fingers and it tasted the same," reported Boo.

There you have it.



Blogger Jen said...

This is good to know for future reference. :)

9:35 AM  
Blogger Cathelou said...

Our cats respond that way only when fresh turkey is offered to them.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Olive said...

Good for people to know.

6:48 AM  

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